Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Writing Journal: April 6

Easter was fun, but starting Friday, various family members have been taking turns being sick.  I'm hoping that I'm not next.

Writing:   Monday I managed to spend a few hours going over a fairy-tale manuscript.  It's at 7000 words and will probably get longer.  It's fun writing it, but 7000 words is not a marketable length for short story unless I serialize it   The fairy-tale voice isn't in vogue at the moment (and really hasn't been for a while) which also hurts the manuscript's marketability... and it also distances the reader from the characters, so I've been attempting to round out the characters.   I may have to do another pass on each scene and tighten things up mercilessly.

Tuesday I switched to outlining a more regular mainstream fantasy story.

Working Out:  Did 160 calories in about 13 minutes with a cruising speed of 730 cal/hour.  I managed to do some different free weight routines, focusing on my pectoral muscles.  I think it will even out some of the muscles so that my chest looks more uniform (instead of unevenly developed).

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