Thursday, April 02, 2015

 Here's some pictures of the falls at Sweet Creek Falls.  Mark wanted to go on a hike, and when he asked me where we might go, I suggested going to a waterfall.  I think I've gotten these pictures a little out of order.  When we went, it was a little after noon and the sun was mostly shining on the water.
 Sweet Creek flows between two steep hills.  As the day progressed, the sun sank be the ridge.  The creek never looked the same twice.
 We were lucky; the temperature was just right.  We saw many of Mark's co-workers on the trail.
 I like this photo because the rocks look like they're floating.
 This is the next-to-last fall on the creek, and the end of the trail.  Below this fall the water collects into a cauldron, and then plunges down again into a swimming hole.
Mark thought the water matched my hair.

After this fall, we drove up a narrow road to the top fall about a mile away.
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