Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mid week ruminations

Writing:  Got home after Wordos, and then managed to stay up too late.  So, I got up late to get enough sleep.  As I stood in the shower, I recalled an old Rhonda episode from the seventies, where the metaphor of three tea cups called, work, play and sleep were shown.  When you pour too much from one cup into one of the others, you make a mess.

On the radio the other day, I heard a story about a Jewish composer who put his music in the hands of one of his students in order to preserve it before the Nazis killed him.  The thought of trying to save one's work, and of hiding a mentor's work struck me, and I need to put it into the list of story prompts.

Working Out:  Wednesday was a work-out day.  Alas, I'm developing tennis elbow or something in my right elbow.  So I started out slower on the rowing machine 650 cal/hour instead of something in the 700's.  I also stuck with some more traditional free weight things.  The working theories are that I'm gripping something too strongly, that I pulled something last week when I yanked the rowing machine up to 1000 cal / hour for about 40 minutes, that I pulled something with a "skull crusher" declined lift.  Bother.

Dream:  I had a Renaissance Fair dream.  I had a silver wire crown which rested over my eyes and on the bridge of my nose (in waking, the crown felt a lot like my glasses, and probably looked like the Elf-King's crown in the Hobbit movie).  I think I could fly.

I'm pretty sure this dream is a result of giving a short lecture about writing magic in fantasy stories to the Wordos, followed by coming home to Mark watching a Dr. Who episode with a minotaur alien.  
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