Friday, March 06, 2015

Week in Review

Wednesday was a bad traffic day, and I wrote a diatribe about it that I've deleted.  The commute is annoying, and I find the moment I'm in it, I become selfish and tyrannical.  It and the parking scarcity makes me a bad person and I need to work on being better.

Writing:  Polishing up a short story.  I hope to submit it today to On The Premises. Fingers crossed.  I've got another short story that I'm hoping to have polished by next week that is part of the boat-load of unfinished works from last summer's prompt-swap.

Working-Out:  Monday's medical adventures kept me from the gym.  Wednesday was a polish and submit afternoon.

I read interviews of Usrula Le Guin, Andre Norton, Dean Wesley Smith, and some others in Paul Walker's "Speaking of Science Fiction," from 1978.  He'd conducted interviews by postal mail.  Joanna Russ is in this collection, but I haven't read her interview, yet.  What's strange to me is that these are conversations from when I was a fifth grader, but the questions are still with us:  "Is Science Fiction Art?", "What is the role of science, folklore, myth, and psychology in Science Fiction?",  "Why is there a tread in Science Fiction toward darker and darker stories with anti-heros."   

I read it in the bath, so I didn't takes notes, which I can see I need to do (pauses to consider how to make one of those clever little desks that span the tub...)

Writing:  Going over a very rough draft and noticing where the story went wrong.  In other news, as soon as I submitted my story, I found a glaring typo that I missed witha  global search-and-replace and hard copy reading.  Uhg.

Working-Out:  So far this week going to the gym has been a bust.  I should do some remedial free weight work at home.  I haven't gone partly because my schedule this week has been wonky, but also because -- my goodness -- I've got this huge bruise on my right arm that makes me look like a junkie from where the med tech jabbed me.   I'm hoping I don't have vericose viens there for the rest of my life.  The site on my left arm where he got an IV in is still bruised, too.  Man, I never realized how beat up looking surgury could make one.

Writing:  Friday morning.  300  words in about a half hour.  More before the Day Jobbe begins.

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