Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Slippery Tree Trunk Dreams

Happy new moon, Spring Equinox, and total Solar Eclipse over Greenland.

Dream:  I dreamed that there was a flood.  In the first part of the dream, I was flying over the flooded river as it wound through wooded hills and cliffs.  It was day, and overcast.  At one point I was flying over the river with a dragonfly.   There were campgrounds on both banks of the river.  I had the feeling that you wouldn't notice the campgrounds until it was night and fire pits would show how just how many campsites were packed together.    A little farther downstream, the pines' lower branches had been cut back, and you could see how many fire pits there were between the dark colonnades of trunks.  It must have been off-season because I was the only person there.

The river went into a canyon, and I flew up to a window where a bunch of shops were built into the cliffs.  The shop I peered into was a dusty apothecary.  I have a notion that I spoke with some folks there, but I also have the notion that there was no one there.  In waking life I'm reminded of the alley way in the mediaeval section of the Oregon Enchanted Forest.

There's a break in the recall... but I was in Corvallis, I think, this time with Mark, and we started out a an apartment or something we were renting.  We walked out onto a log-jam to look at the flood.  The flood was receding, and the trees were moving again.  I was standing on a slippery trunk in the water.  I think Mark was swimming, and I might have started to swim as well.  I was a little anxious the trunk I was standing on would shift and pin me in the river.

We swam the river or something, because we made it back to our apartment and then the river had really gone down.  I think I must have flown over or swam the river, which was a loop, about three times.

This is the second time this week where I've had to navigate a fallen slippery log spanning a river.

Working Out:  Hmm. I need to engineer a trip to the gym this weekend.

My Friday started out with getting a rejection to a workshop in June.  I really should learn to not read e-mail first thing in the morning when I get up to write.  One practical annoyance is that I had to clear a week's vacation with The Day Jobbe before I applied, and now I'll have re-schedule.  On the plus side, I'll save some money on airfare and childcare.  I was looking forward to a writing's vacation, and I'll have to see if I can figure out a DIY workshop for myself.
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