Saturday, February 21, 2015

Raccoon Eyes and Processing Dreams

Sleep:  I've been tired the last few days, and Thursday morning I woke up with raccoon eyes.

Friday morning, the cat wanted out, so I escorted him out around three AM.  The last couple of nights The Child has woken up at hours between 1 AM and 4 AM and has been active.  I don't mind the reading, but the historical podcasts wake me up.

Writing:  I wanted to finish a story I'm working on, and I was awake enough to want to write, but also tired and sleepy enough to want to stay in bed.  So I did some sleep-writing.  The nice thing about it is that I just write, and edit later. The just writing part is refreshing, and it forced me to keep going and not get distracted by editing or research.  The down side is that I sometimes loose focus on what I'm writing if I drift off, and words and sentences can get loopy.  

Dreams:  More processing dreams.  I  though I was over something, but apparently my dreaming self isn't, as I had a pretty direct dream where I uttered short statements about who I was annoyed with and why.  I can't say that I'm proud about my emotional response, as it's kind of petty, in a negative Capricorn kind of way.  Oh well, now that my dreaming self has formulated a succinct statement, I'm hoping I can move beyond this.

In another dream,  which had a lot of Dwyer l relatives in it, I was in some rural Oregon town and they had a gigantic art installation.  Towering shelves of books.   As I wandered through the installation, it suddenly hit me that it was really a library with the walls and ceiling removed and the books left behind on massive, free-standing bookshelves.  I had a "Cry for the Children" Horta moment, as I walked up to the stacks of gigantic Egyptian art coffee-table books and saw blue mold spores growing along their tops.  The library had lost funding and the stacks were left out, exposed to the elements until they decomposed completely.

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