Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Journal: Working Out Pronouns

Working Out:  I managed to make it to the gym Sunday and Tuesday.  Even though I'm trying to ease back into the routine, I still had sore legs Monday and Tuesday.  It also appears that I've pulled my right lateral muscle, so I've given up twisting exercise on the weights-on-strings machine.  Sunday I managed to do about 150 cal in 15 minutes (I'm always surprised when keeping a 750 cal / minute rate is easier when I think it should be).  Tuesday I managed 120 in 10 minutes.   One benefit of working out seems to be that my feet don't bother me so much afterward; I'm guessing my leg muscles must be limbering up and pulling on my big toe less.

Writing:  Working on a short story that's got a deadline for next week, at about 3500 words.  Tuesday, managed about 800 solid words  in about 90 minutes.  The piece I'm working on felt distant because I was writing in an epistolary style, so I'm adding (and reworking) sections to be in the POV of an alien, with the idea that I'll alternate.  The challenges are that the aliens are non-humanoid and require three sexes to reproduce and the POV alien is a zhe, so I'm writing "zhe waved zir arms" instead of "she waved her arms."  Which is difficult to remember to do... and properly, zir arms are really tentacles, but zhe wouldn't call them that.  OK, and the other challenge is figuring out time sense, since the alien's planet is a "blue moon" about the size of earth rotating and tidally locked to a gas giant:  this means that noon to noon takes about seven days' time (and at noon on the gas-giant side of the planet there will be a period of time where the gas giant eclipses the local star, and.... did I mention that I have to do all this in about 4000 words?

Dreams:  I did have a dream about my upcoming procedure, but all I remember about the dream was that I was uncomfortable and on an operating table.  I have a sense that the last few days I've been partially waking up around 2:30 AM and then processing stuff, which results in more "credo statement" dreams.  
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