Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Credo Statement Dreams

This morning, I dreamed that I was going to high school and it was the first day.  I walked over to the CHS Annex (a "temporary/permanent" out building on the south west side of the building) and was waiting for Rick X's class to end (I was never a big fan of his) and for Jim Dort's class to begin (now that I'm recalling this, in high school, Jim Dort once appeared in a dream and said, "I'm an authority figure, and as such, I'm here to tell you that you're dreaming and I give you the power to lucid dream.")

Rick's class ended and some other folks for Jim's class entered the room.  We started talking and I said that I liked the old Mission Impossible shows (actually... I never was much of a fan).  When someone made a face, I clarified, "No, not the remakes, the original series."

Then we were watching a show (I'm not sure how... there was something about posters, so maybe the show appeared on a poster).  The show was in black-and-white.  It was set in Montana, I think, on a farm in the country.  There was a slow stream, and a canyon, and a tall oak, and a forrest.  There was no dialog, just a slow montage of two men walking and being domestic.  

At one point, somebody in the classroom said, "Man, this is slow."
"They're setting up the story," I said.
"Yeah," said a young woman, "Don't you believe in character development?"

There was a break in the dream narrative.

I was at a meeting in a kind of park gazebo or Japanese Garden.  A bunch of mostly women were sitting in a hallway or long room in comfortable chairs, introducing themselves and saying what brought them to the Eugene area.  When it was my turn, I said that I'd come to Eugene to be with my partner, Mark.   A Christian woman said something mostly positive about marriage, I said something about Neo-Paganism, followed by a short declaration.

When I woke, I had better recall of the last few days' dreams, and they've been like this:  meeting with people and then reciting short definitions and credo statements.  I must be working something out in my sleep.
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