Friday, January 30, 2015

Throwback Friday: Snow

Here's a picture from Jan 27, 2008, when it snowed.  This is to contrast the 65F weather we had the other day, complete with blooming camellias and hummingbirds.

More alien dreams last night; Mark's taken to firing up Dr. Who before bed, so that's probably why.  The only thing I really recall is that I dreamed about aliens.

Writing:  Finished the Queers Destroy Science Fiction story and polled some friends for beta reading.  Critiqued two 4000 word stories.  Received a glowing (probably form) rejection for a fantasy story; I know you're not supposed to, but I'd imagined this one would find a home.  Next up is writing a Sword and Sorceress candidate manuscript.  Trying to ignore the self-hater.
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