Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Cat, Dreams and Papercraft

Rough night sleeping.  The Smokey the cat was so active that I dreamed he had set up four or five tea lights at our feet on our bed and was racing around between them while Mark and I were dealing with fire at our feet.  It was one of those "what's that bright hot thing, what's the cat doing, I'm trying to sleep" sort of dreams.

I also dreamed I was at Reed speaking with my old thesis advisor.  I was telling him where we'd made mistakes about the whole project.  In the dream he had aged to something like seventy, and he was smaller and slighter than I remember him being in the mid eighties.  I think this dream was prompted by a WonderMark comic where various versions of a person meet and "Super-Old Self" tells his younger selves that if he warns them about what to expect, he'll jeopardize his own existence.  
In other news, here's some paper craft which lives in my office.  I discovered if you take the triangular pieces of paper, you can make something out of eight of them (instead of the twenty in the original design.   I haven't looked into it formally, but I think phi pops up when you put two equilateral triangles together so that they form opposite sides of a square with their bases.
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