Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sushi Dreams


I was at Arcosanti, only I was leaving the very next day.  G. L. worked there (which is the first time I've spliced someone from Eugene into an Arco dream) and he seemed kind of sad and surprised at my announcement.  I was at a Manager's Meeting, I think, in what used to be the library underneath the main business office.  Jeff Manta (whoa, haven't thought about him in 20 years..) came in with a roll of a kind of clearish gelatin which he had just mixed up out of plant sap and common kitchen chemicals.  He went around with the cylinder and cut hockey-puck sized disks for everyone.  

Cool! I thought, because the pucks were kind of bouncy (the substance was a mix of silly putty, those white drafting erasers, and clear glycerin soap).  Then I realized they were soap, because everyone else began washing the small rectangular desks they were sitting at. It was really good soap, and it took up the pencil, ink and dirt stains.  

I'm not sure what the Arco dream with Eugene people in it is about... maybe I'm feeling stuck with the ending of the current story not working right.  I'm pretty sure watching a sushi chef last night is where the roll of bouncy cleaning pucks came from.


In the other dream, I was a detective of some sort, closing down extraterrestrial con-games.  I don't have good recall on this dream, which seemed long.  The aliens, who looked mostly human, were working for a human boss.  I think they were stuck on Earth.  The mark would bring thousands of dollars to the alien to see more aliens, and then the aliens would re-neg somehow.  They might have mind-wiped the mark, or they simply may have laughed and said, you've already met the alien (me) but whose going to believe you?  Or it might have been something else.  I'm not sure why they were working for a human boss. 

I'd gotten to the con-man aliens' HQ, an old theatre of some sort made of brick, and I'd let them think they'd fooled me but, I was prepared for their trick (and immune) and my money self-destructed so they didn't have the payment for their boss.  "This looks pretty bad," I said, pointing to an empty suitcase.  "You told him you had the money, and now you don't.  He's going to be pretty mad.  But if you tell me who he is, I can help you out."

Thre was something more about new construction, but I only have an image of a bunch of new, brick buildings going up; they were middle-range, Olive Garden type, fast food places.

Working Out:  150 calories in 14 minutes.  I did the free weight stuff, but I should do some more at home because I had to skip the dumbbell bit.

Writing:  I feel like that cartoon where da Vinci spends days painting and repainting the Mona Lisa's lips because something about them isn't write.  Endings are hard.  The action is done, but the conclusion-twist is wrong... and it's possible the solution is to  chop off the conclusion-twist.
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