Sunday, January 18, 2015

Photo Shoot

I'm not sure what to think about this series.  I was going for rugged and I think it came out goofy. This is not Pat's fault.

© Pat Kight, 2014
I'm a simple Renaissance Man, in a simple wooden frame with straight lines to contrast the simple folds of my unconstricting poet's shirt.  Oh.  And I was a dog in a previous life.  Did you say you had some chocolate?  I can stay right here if you have chocolate.

© Pat Kight, 2014
Help, I've wandered into a play structure, and I can't get out!  They promised me a poet's cottage with glass windows, but this is all they have got.  And there's no tea.

© Pat Kight, 2014
Look at me.  Now look at my hand.  Now look back at me.  Wait!  Don't look at me.  OMG! This is a Drunk J Crew session, isn't it?
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