Saturday, January 17, 2015

Evil Bambi Eyes

This morning I cleaned my office.  It wasn't quite the archaeological excavation I thought it would be thanks to actually using a filing cabinet the last time.  Mostly, it involved recycling odd notes and flyers, and clearing out some space in the rolling file that's supposed to house works in progress instead of finished manuscripts.  The take-away from this morning is that I have too many unfinished projects, and I don't have an excuse to not pick a manuscript and either finish incorporating Wordos critiques or else polish a manuscript for critique soon.

Pat Kight, 2014
© Pat Kight, 2014
On the picture front, here's another Pat Kight photo.  In most of the pictures, Pat used a narrow field of focus and managed to focus on my eyes.  She also Photoshopped some of them, mostly to darken or blur backgrounds.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when this picture was taken.  My hair looks like it's got a Dorothy Hamill bob, but it's merely escaping a hair tie.  I think I was trying to look coy or impish or something.  This photo is making my eyes look bigger... I think.  I've decided that black and white photos paradoxically make my hair look darker.

In thinking about this a little more, I've come to the conclusion that this photo is capturing my "Evil Bambi" look.  Maybe I'll use it for author biopics for romance novels.

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