Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rhyton. Priest. Snake.

I've been collecting pictures on a Pinterest Board called  "Rhyton. Priest.  Snake." (kind of NSFW) to try to work with various dream images I've had exploring the intersection of maleness, desire, and spirituality.   It's not working as well as I like.  

When I try to find images of desire-filled priests, I often wander into beefcake.  Not that I don't mind beefcake, but it's frequently not expressing a connection to spirit or connection to the numinous side of nature.   Maybe desire is the wrong word; maybe I mean fervor.  

Sometimes when I follow what can best be called radical fairy pins, I feel like I'm getting closer, but again it usually turns into lithe young men coyly arching their taut and lichen-clad bodies in the middle of a field.  Or illustrations of a heterosexual Cernonus flexing his eight-pack abs and wearing an afterthought.  Or pictures of random scruffy looking guys who've taped deer antlers onto their heads.

I really know when I've followed the wrong pin when all the images become frolicking Celtic fairies crap.

I sometimes have better luck following pins of Ancient Greek rhytons and other pottery, if only because they actually paint religious-feeling scenes of men presenting libations.

Oh well... imagining a spirituality which speaks to me is a work in progress.
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