Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Retrograde Tuesday Dream

OK...  Well... not the best morning today, and I seriously think something's gone retrograde.

Smokey decided it was time to go out at 2 AM.  I'm trying to throw him into the garage where he can't bug us, but I wasn't awake enough to locate the the cat door cover.  So he got around my blockade and Mark threw him out at 3 AM. 

Waking up was difficult, but I managed to get tea and oatmeal started and then sat and stared at the ending of the story I'm working on.  Insert minor interruptions here, but I did manage to wrap up the manuscript.

Then I tried printing it. Which failed:  after two paper jams, the printer refused to return the ink cartridge to its resting spot and the internal gears whined.  Something's stuck in the printer, and it's not printing. I think it's broken, so now I have to figure out an alternative.

Work was... entertaining.  This is the part of the year where people sort of realizes there's only three effective working weeks left in the year.  And everyone's a little strung out because of the GTF strike.

I was going to work on Holiday Craft, but decided that I needed to print out the manuscript so that it would be done.  And it's my turn to cook dinner and shopping works more efficiently when I go alone... So I came home, unhooked the InkJet Printer and cleaned it.  While I was air blasting it, out rolled a ballpoint pen.  I fiddled with the paper handling mechanism and unjammed it from the cartridge assembly.   Then it was time to shop.  Probably a good decision to do less.

On the plus side, I did have a coolish dream.  I was watching a movie.  Insert samba music.  The camera pans above a North Easter European river (I think we're in Norway or something).  It's twilight, I'm guessing 5:30 PM.  The sky is orange, and the camera swoops down about six feet above the river and passes through a village that spills down the hills and out onto stilts over the river.  The buildings have a mid 20th century feel to them.  They're made of wood which has been weathered by rain and snow.  There's no rotting wood, but many of the small houses look like they could use a paint job.  

White light sources in and alongside the houses light up the mist from the river in artistic bands.  There's a persistent cloud of mist on the edge of a narrow deck or wide plank extending from one house over the river.  The camera moves in closer.  Through the thick mist, which now looks more like cigarette smoke, I catch the edges of a blocky, upholstered easy chair.   There's a middle-aged woman, the lady of the house, smoking so much we cant see her or the massive cube of a chair she's sitting in.

The camera pans along, and we see early evening village scenes with the introductory shots of the rest of the characters in the movie, who are housewives, and fishermen, and office staff, and handifolk.  The movie is gearing up for one of those madcap comedies.

Then there was a break in the dream and I got distracted from the movie... when we returned...

A group of Egyptian antiquities folks were working around a dusty cedar box.   The box is decorated with a Egyptian queen sitting on a big blocky throne of stone slabs, surrounded by ankhs, rods of dominion, neffers, sedge and reed and other hieroglyphs.   The sunlight was very bright, and everything was very dry and dusty.  The box is big and blocky, and somehow I know that the smoking woman's upholstered chair is inside.  Which is funny, because everyone dusting and preserving the box thinks it's an ancient Egyptian artifact.   
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