Monday, December 08, 2014

Dec 8 Journal

Whew.  Saturday was a craft day.  I've designed some paper constructions which I think will come out very nicely, especially since Mark and I are teaming up and it will incorporate his origami to provide some visual tension. 

I did manage a mini-workout of sorts.  The gym at 5PM on a Saturday is very different  from a weekday afternoon:  much more grunting and hissing from manly men, and more folks working in pairs.  I had a quick warm-up on an excercise bike, followed by the usual free weight training.  
Sunday was a family day.  Actually, make that tech day.  I needed to do some computer work for my mother.  Luckily, the problems at her house were more configuration and "where are the files" hiding than otherwise.   Mark and The Child came along and had fun at my sister's house while Mom and I were ensconced in Mom's Computer Den of Iniquity.

Monday:  This morning was an editing day.  Earlier, I'd worked in critiques on a paper copy of manuscripts.  Today I transcribed corrections and changes to an e-copy of the files.  I'll have to re-read them, but I think I have two mail-ready manuscripts to submit (and I wish Daily Science Fiction would up their word-count limit to 2000).  

Tuesday:  I had some sort of "processing" dream.  I remember someone offered me a discounted membership (possibly to the gym) because I was turning fifty.  Mostly the dream was meta:  there were two sets of characters, and one set could influence the whole dream... there was something about singing in a tunnel.  I wonder if thinking about the relationships between dodecahedrons, icasahedrons and icasododecahedrons got my brain working on underlying structures and that simmered through my dreaming.

Tuesday morning's writing was me trying to come up with something for next weeks holiday reading.
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