Friday, November 14, 2014

Journal: November Storm

Word Count:  Um... I've been doing a lot of editing lately.  Actually, I've been fighting a stuffy nose and cold, so make that some editing.  Thursday morning I typed maybe 300 new words of on a fairy tale.  I realized that I'd had a two-dimentional princess, and I need to figure out more of her personality and agency.   I've received a critique on a short ghost story from the Wordos and I need to address some of the confusion caused by the piece (surprise, John confused the readers).  I've also just submitted two pieces of flash to the table (one's a romance... although I suppose both could be) and we'll see what sorts of critiques get generated.

Working-Out:  I did my usual routine Monday.  Wednesday, I felt tired and skipped the gym.  I will need to do some free weight work at home this afternoon.

This last weekend was a long no-school weekend, so routines were out of whack Friday, Monday and Tuesday.   We did go on a mushroom hike near Oakridge, at the Larisen Creek Trailhead.  It was fun, and I stupidly didn't check the batteries in my camera, so no pictures this time around.  

There's some from the same trail last year here:  

Friday -- I think I might have had a fever last night.  Despite lots of blankets, I was really cold when I first went to bed, but at some point in the night I was burning up.  I dreamt I was making tea at my folks' house when it was too late in the afternoon to be making a huge mug of tea, so I was kind of being furtive about it.

Word Count:  I'm guessing another 300 words.  Probably less.  The tone is fairy-tale, and I have to keep in mind that it can easly fall into narrative summary.  I am trying to make the dialog sound like it's from the 70's mini-series "Elizabeth R", and I should probably watch it again to refresh my memory.  The princess's name in the story had been Philomel, which I borrowed from the madrigal, "Though Philomela Lost Her Love," but then I did a little research and the Greek story of Philomel is a little rough (with rapine and tongue removal) so I settled for renaming her Selene.  

Tonight I've agreed to play the harp and read a short story.  I'm hoping I don't take a 1 PM nap and wake up nex tweek.  At least I don't feel as congested and stupid as I did yesterday.

The first really big winter storm hit this week.  We didn't get any snow, although a wintery mix was forecast.  We did get about an inch of rain, which, combined with the leaves, clogged the storm grates, so driving to work Thursday was extra entertaining:  lots of of deep puddles to whoosh through and lots of people you'd think this was their first time driving in rain.  

Smokey changes his mind pretty quickly when he wants to go outside.  

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