Friday, October 17, 2014

The Brown Bowl of Wistfulness

The other week we went to the Portland Art Museum to see sculptures from France.  Afterward, we visited the silver collection.

I love traipsing through this room and imagining that I'm having a tea--or chocolate--out of the silver services there, and writing longhand using a quill dipped into the silver and cobalt inkwells.

This picture is a wood bowl with a metal rim:  a high end version of the brown bowl featured in all those nipperkin and wassailing songs from Merry Olde England.   I particularly enjoy the engraved triangular work along the top and bottom of the metal.

And now I want some hot spiced apple cider.

It would be fun to gather around a big bowl like this one, filled with steaming cider, and pass it along by star and candlelight.  Hmm.  Maybe this Halloween...
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