Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rejections and Fatigue

One of my writing acquaintances, Daniel Lowd, put up a site called "Quoth the Raven" which offers 100 percent manuscript rejections.  I laughed and laughed when I read the submission guidelines, submitted something, and had it promptly rejected.  The site is using an auto-reply to send form rejections.

I got a real-life rejection for the piece I've been working on.  In all honesty, I'd strayed a little from the premise, and it was pegged right at the upper word limit, so I'm not all that surprised at the rejection--although I had hoped that it was good enough and still within the bounds.   Oh well; I'll run it through Wordos, polish, and send out.  

I think I'm feeling better today--at least my hands and feet don't feel so achey, and I don't feel as tired and foggy as I did yesterday.  The more I think about it, the more I think I must be fighting off a cold or something.  Luckily I haven't developed a runny nose or fever, but I've been doing all sorts of stupid fatigue tricks, like misplacing things and locking myself out of my office.  I kind of skipped the lunar eclipse; I saw the beginning at 3 AM when I got up, and the very very end at 5:30-ish.

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