Monday, October 06, 2014

Productivity ?

Ugh. Had a bad Dr. Who nightmare so bad it woke me up.  I think it was mostly caused by too many covers on the bed and a slightly unsettled stomach.  Mark blames the Farscape marathon I had over the weekend; I blame too much ebola coverage.   I suppose the interesting twist on the Dr. Who dream was that The Doctor had been a hobbit (possibly Bilbo Bagins) before the main events of the dream.

This weekend was pretty much a recovery weekend from last week -- I don't know why the first week of classes this time around was so draining.  Mark and Arthur went to the beach.  I elected to stay home, partially because I was tired, and partially because I wanted to catch a movie the Anthropology channel was showing (and had planned to see for about two weeks).  

So, this weekend was also Getting Lost Weekend.  I got to the theatre for the movie about five minutes before it was to start, only to discover that I was at the wrong theatre.  Sigh.  Insert frenzied search for parking during a First Friday Art Walk and a zillion new students in the Titan Court area.  After about fifteen minutes, I decided that I'd only see the last 25 minuts or so of the movie and drove home.

Insert Marathon Farscape Binge here.

Saturday was laundry day and a departmental picnic.  The address in the invitation was for 1234 Adams Blvd, but the actual address should have been for Adams Court.  Insert 20 minutes of driving around in the 2300 block, wondering where the hell 1234 was.  Luckily, I recognized a co-worker walking toward Adams Court as I was fuming my way home.   

Had a fun time at the picnic, and went home with the intent of going to the gym to work out... except that because I'd been late, I'd stayed late, and then mis-remembered the gym's Saturday hours... so... more Marathon Farscape Binging!

Sunday I dragged myself to the gym right when it opened.  Then it was (more) laundry day.  It was pretty much all wash, dried and folded by the time the family got home.   Between the two days, I managed to get manuscripts in the mail, and I went through my in-progress manuscripts.  I have way too many unfinished manuscripts that I need to just focus on and finish over the next few weeks.

Monday morning I was still pretty tired, especially after waking up from the nightmare, so I didn't get a whole lot of writing done.  I did write up the Dr. Who dream; I wish I knew what triggered them because they're almost always unpleasant. 
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