Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre-Halloween Musings

Yesterday, I needed to make a run to the store.  It looked pretty rainy, and I thought, what the heck, I'll wear the ankle-length, purple-and-black cloak.  Man, you'd think folks around here would be used to theatrically dressed people; I got more odd stares in three blocks than I have since I don't know when.  I guess it's good to know that "freaking the mundanes" is still possible in Eugene... but, sheesh, if I wore tye-die, hippy beads, and hemp clothing no one here would bat an eye.

Writing: 610 words in 80 minutes.   I'm testing out a new writing app to track time better.   I do wish it would work in landscape mode, but it's stuck in portrait mode.  Other than that, it seems servicable so far.  On the down side it only tracks one project at a time until I pay to unlock it.

Working-out:  The stomach bug continues to quash my work-out routine.  I'm not sure I'll go in today, which means I have to figure out something for Saturday.  

On the plus side, the bug has forced me on a crash fast of sorts, and I don't feel like eating too much Halloween candy.  

I missed the Wordos Halloween reading, which is a bummer; I've managed to be at it for almost the last twelve years.  

The stormy weather has returned to the valley, and it's looking like October 31st will be a very wet Halloween.  I'm hoping that it clears up some so it's not too horrible.  

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