Thursday, October 02, 2014

Journal: Scheduling Problems

The beginning of the term has made my schedule crazier lately:  I keep getting home about a half hour later than usual, with the result that my writing, critique and gym sessions have been shorter than I'd like.   Oh well.

Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed way too late to get a writing session in.  And, alas, I had a dental appointment that pushed my schedule around still more.

Project:  OTP "Property" story.  I printed out a hard copy, took out a red pen, and did a syntax edit; I find problems more easily when the manuscript is printed out.  This Thursday morning I edited the Scrivener version of the story... so I could technically send it out today, but I think I'll do one more paper pass to clean things up.

Workout: Watched a Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) video segment that was pretty info-light.  Sounds like I have to eat chicken, steak, and steamed vegetables to the exclusion of everything else (chocolate, alcohol, bread, rice) and work out two hours every day for the next three years if I want to look like Hugh Jackman.   Oh well.
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