Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Journal: Oct 7

Really dragging this morning.  Woke up at 5:30, stumbled around, and put some finishing touches on critiques for tonight.

I don't know why I feel so tired -- I got enough sleep (a solid 8 hours) and slept fairly soundly (the cat wasn't let in last night, so he couldn't wake us with 4:30 shenanigans).   The weather is clear, although a little cold, and yesterday I went kind of easy on the workout, so I'm not sure why my feet and hands are a little sore.  Maybe I'm fighting off a cold or something.  

Project-wise, I've got a pile of manuscripts that need polishing (or abandoning) and then need to be sent out.  I need to choose one.

Working out:  200 calories in about 20 minutes.  Did a dumbbell set waiting for the rowing machine.  The gym owner suggested I try the spin bike, saying that working the glutes would burn more calories. I like the rowing machine because it works my upper body (which Mark likes) but maybe the spin bike will melt off more unwanted body fat.  
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