Friday, October 24, 2014

Journal: Oct 24 Slow Day

Got out of bed around 5:15, was writing by 5:30.  Slow morning, only about 400 words for a fantasy short story in about a ninety minute period.  Partially, just felt tired.  I realized that I was writing mostly eye-candy without much characterization, but I figured I could go back and insert the eye-kicks into the manuscript.   And 400 words is better than zero words.

Not much in the dream department, just vague recollections and things I'd rather not share.

In the reading department, I'm re-reading the Foundation Trilogy.  I'm only into the first few chapters, but what strikes me is some of the passive sentence construction,  how much action is happening off-stage and how some of the technology (the time vault especially) feels a little "yesterday's tomorrow."  
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