Monday, October 27, 2014

Dream: Underwear Theatre

Gah. Another Sunday (and Monday) kaboshed by some kind of stomach bug.

At least there was an entertaining dream segment.   A older woman in a very full blue "old lady" dress hopped off of a chair, walked a short distance and stood (or sat) on her head.  The folds of the dress fell and hid the upper part of her body.  Underneath her skirts, her underwear was divided into two fields, and there were two faces looking at each other.  The older woman's legs were covered in striped hose, and became the two figure's two arms (and then through the magic of dreams, the arms had hands instead of feet).  A kind of puppet show followed (don't ask me how the figures could talk, they just could).

It was very Muppet-esque.  Or like those old folk-dolls where if the dress falls one way, it's Red Riding Hood, and if it falls the other way, it's Granny.
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