Monday, September 15, 2014

Renaissance Weekend

This was a slowish weekend for us.  Saturday was a rest day, we didn't go much of anywhere or schedule any events.   I used the time to write in my Writer's Closet and Mark worked on his bonsai.  

Sunday, all of us were going to go to the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, but Mark wasn't feeling so well, so he stayed home.  I hadn't been to the faire in about three years.  It was a little strange going to it as a civilian, mostly because I usually travel in the late afternoon and the road looked different.  The fair was fun, and I saw many old friends.  What I like most about the faire are things like dancing, playing chess, and the string and recorder music.  OK, and the belly dancers.   

From the writing journal:  

Project:  OTP Challenge (OMG, I can't believe this almost slipped under the radar.)
Word count: 650 words in about an hour.

Project:  Cyborg Fairy Tale
Word Count:  about an hour's worth of editing in Scrivener.

Project:  Marketing.
Got a rejection, visited Duotrope and caught up some other rejections.  Went to my personal backup story tracker and entered data into mailcall db.  Edited Urban Fantasy Magazine bio to include links.  About 40 minutes.

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