Monday, September 22, 2014

Journal: Last Day of Summer

I've managed to pull my upper trapezoid (I think) muscle or a tendon in my right shoulder.  The result is that my upper neck has reduced mobility and will send little twinges of pain down my shoulder every so often.  Woke up about four times so that I could shift and just rolling in bed really hurt.  Hot water and some stretches seem to help, but I still have reduced mobility.  I'm hoping that whatever I've done will work itself out over the course of the day.

Project:  OTP "Property" Challenge.
Word Count:  about 500 words (mostly recalling the previous night's dream) in about 80 minutes.  The ending is still not working, and feels a little preachy.

I did ask The Empress and The Hermit what dreaming Old Women was about.  While no Goddess or Sybil descended to interpret my recent dreams, I'm pretty sure that it's a desire for an older woman writer I know to have some health issues resolve so that she won't feel so badly (my shoulder issue is a stubbed toe compared to what she's been going through) and so I can study writing under her.  

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