Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Humidity, Joints, and Non-Productivity

Arg.  I woke up at 4 AM -- I think my shoulder might have woken me, as it was cold and achey.   I should have popped out of bed and started to write.  I think next time I will.  Woke back up again at 5AM, stumbled into the living room, and promptly collapsed on the couch.  I felt tired and a little sore, and wondered if I'd worked out a little too hard the previous day.

I  proceded to have a dream about Perter Capaldi's replacement as the ten an a halfth Doctor, who was kind of a jerk.  The dream was set in a kind of cabin in the woods, which was supposed to have been cleaned by sub-letters, but wasn't exactly.   I had some sort of conversation about scheduling last minute work with someone while floating down a combination of a river and Oak Creek Drive in Corvallis.

At 6:30, I managed to haul myself off of the couch, opened the front to let Smokey in, and into the kitchen to start some tea.  While the water heated up, I went outside and looked at the sky.  The clear sky the moon had shone in last night was gone, replaced by steel grey clouds and patches of turquois.     While I'm glad for the autumnal weather, the tightness in my joints now had an explaination.

Then, working on a critique, I managed to make a silly mistake with file versions.  

So I'm calling this morning's productivity a bust.  CRITIQUING:  10 minutes of straightening out files.
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