Monday, July 21, 2014

June Award and Writing

As the seasons inch away from the Summer Solstice, I'm finding it more difficult to get up and write.  It appears that the sunlight drives my productivity more than I thought.   Also, this last week I've been staying up later than I should.  The early morning writing has paid off, though; I managed to win the Penn Cove Literary Arts Award for June with a brand new flash fiction piece. 

I'll have to invoke the spirits of Jay Lake, Chris Hadfield, and other industrious souls.  Also, I need to get fresh batteries into the LED candle that turns itself on at 4:55 am.

The award came at a good time, and has been a nice boost to writing moral.  What seems crazy to me is that with this single sale, a setting has tripped and Duotrope is automatically congratulating me for my high sales rate.   I don't know if that means that folks who have been professionally writing longer than I have (and presumably have better sales) aren't using Duotrope or if a lot of folks don't place stories.

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