Monday, June 16, 2014

Writing in the Morning

Lately, I've managed to kick myself out of bed and write in the mornings before heading off to The Day Jobbe.  It helps that the cat wakes up at 4:30 and starts to do the feline version of "Early Morning Singing Song."  (No, I usually get up a little bit later.)

On the up side, I'm writing.  The mornings have been pleasant enough that I've been able to creep outside with a cup of tea and a comforter and write in the backyard.  Writing outside reduces the chance of me waking anyone, and if the family wakes up early, I'm not in their way on the kitchen table.  Getting in and out of the patio chair and wrapping or unwrapping myself out of the comforter tends to keep me sitting and typing.

On the not-quite-so up side (aside from my tea getting colder more quickly), I may need to switch to composing in long hand to improve my writing's connectivity and to catch stupid errors engendered by a an iPad's screen and auto-correct.  Now that I've noticed the disjointed element creeping into what I write, I'll be on the lookout for it; getting up a little earlier so I have a longer period to write would help, too.  

Now, if I could do something about those mornings when I really feel the cold in my hands and feet (pause to imagine writing in a hot tub).  
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