Sunday, April 06, 2014

Tree Rings

 The feature that I like the most about my camera is the macro lens.  It can take a small ladybug and make it the size of Mothra.  Or, as in this case, bring out fine details in a driftwood tree stump.

The stump was part of an assemblage of driftwood.  Some other photos I took came out looking like someone's failed barn-raising.

I like these photos because they look like an arena, and the cracks look like a snowflake or star.   I managed, by luck more than anything, to make the long crack in the second photo down be positioned just behind the focal point, which makes the crack  a boundery between the focused and the unfocused.

These pictures came out nicely, mostly because the sun was about an hour away from setting, which gave an exciting light angle.

The camera feature I like second most is the really long shutter speed setting, which works well for writing with LEDs at night.

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