Friday, April 11, 2014

Hope Abbey Details

 Last Sunday we took a walk through the Pioneer Cemetery.  This first shot is a detail photo of Hope Abbey, an Egyptian Revival mausoleum.  I'm not sure how one is interred in Hope Abbey, there aren't too many spaces and I recall that it pretty full.  On ether side of the entrance are lotus carvings. I'm not sure what the three drilled holes at the bottom are for; I'll guess they allow water to drain out of the walls.

In front of the mausoleum are to large concrete urns, decorated like giant lotuses.  They've been restored over the last ten or so years and now sport a full set of petals around their tops (they petals are modular and some were missing).  Planters like this make me want to learn how to work with concrete casting.

The most interesting discovery this walk around with the dead was finding a Daughter of the Revolution's grave site:  she was alive when George Washington was president.

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