Monday, March 31, 2014

Heceta Head

The stretch of coast that we live closest to includes the lighthouse at Heceta Head.  The lighthouse is brick with white stucco on the outside.  It seems every time we visit I end up taking the same pictures of the insides and the outside.

Some of the homogeneity is from my camera, which is great for shots within about a fifteen foot radius.

I was a disappointed with the photos I took of the gear works underneath the two ton light because there were too many reflections of me and the camera superimposed over the gears I actually wanted.

I tried to take photos of some of the architectural details, but there's only so many ways one can photograph bricks or iron steps.

Next time, I'll have to remember to take the trail that goes up the hill behind the tower and try to get the other obligatory photo of the lighthouse.
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