Friday, February 21, 2014

Squares and Triangles

These could make interesting screens for paper lamps.

I made them about a year ago.  I like how they came out, but I think the interior squares and triangles could use some beefing up, or else the framing ones need to be reduced so there less of a contrast between the two type of polygon.

When the proportions are closer, the shapes look less like squares and triangles and more like interlocking cylinders.  When the cylinders are more apparent, then it's easier to see radiating stars in the composition.

I can't remember if I drew these in Inkscape and imported them to Blender, or if I built them entirely in Blender.  What's great about Blender is the ability to easily change the lighting.  The top rendering reminds me of August wheat, while the bottom render feels more like a  December snowfall.

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