Sunday, January 19, 2014

Actually Using My Office

I've finally cleared out enough old papers and boxes and organized my manuscripts (mostly) to the point that my little closet is now a workable office.  I think the only thing to do is get a brighter light, as it feels like 40 watts is not quite enough.

OK.  And it's a little claustrophobic if I close the doors.  Closing the door helps mute the rest of the family, but it's a little like what I remember being in a dormitory was like.  I think I'll have to write a story about anchoresses.   

The desk is something like 27 inches by 34 inches... and the spin I'm putting on that is that it will force me to work on only one thing at a time.   I've got various reference materials, like Fowlers and the "Year's Best Fantasy and Horror" (pictured above my head), on the shelf.  I also have some reference sheets taped to the wall so I don't have to go to the internet to see what the rotation period of Vesta is or when the Upper Cambrian period was.  

I also have a picture of Mark on my desk, and I've put up little pieces of art between the notes.

The goal for the next few months is to go through the backlog of drafts and tweak the stories to a marketable point and then get them out.  Most of my more recent manuscripts (and their critiques) now live in a rolling hanging file, and a box, and a bunch of in/out boxes.  

I actually have a lateral file, with manuscripts filed in it--but it's buried under garage detritus and so it's difficult to get to.  And that's where some the older versions of things need to go.

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