Monday, December 30, 2013

MET Friends: Hatshepsut

I usually visit the Egyptian Wing when I visit the MET.  After the Crown of a Harkonian Princess, and the scarabs, I find myself drawn to Hatshepsut, and I consider her one of my "MET Friends."

For good or for ill, her name always brings to my mind the opening line from a Saturday morning show, "The Secrets of Isis," which started out with an announcer intoning "'Oh my queen,' said the Royal Sorceror to Queen Hatshepsut, 'with this amulet, you will fly...'"  I usually can't help myself from whispering "Almighty Isis-isis-isis" in the gallery.

Whoever sculpted Hatshepsut captured a dynamic expression while implying that the throne on which she sits is confining her.  Maybe it's the poise, which seems formal and slightly relaxed. 

The gallery where Hatshepsut sits has high windows, so the lighting can change dramatically depending on if the morning sun is slanting in, or if it's overcast, or if the city-shine from other buildings is lighting the room. 

When I see Hatshepsut, it's easy for me to imagine that she's thinking, "I want to rise and dance."  But she can't, the power of the throne is too strong for her, so she remains seated.
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