Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Experimental Writing

I have had a cold for the last week or so, so I've been tired and congested.

On the writing front, I tried something new after attending the Feminist Science Fiction symposium.  Ursula Le Guin made a comment on plot and conflict and genre (which was echoed in a collection of her essays which I've re-read) pointing out how male-grounded science fiction and fantasy stories are.  So I thought I'd try to write something that tried to explore her idea of a story as a carrying bag instead of a hunting or war story.  

I think I came up with an 800 word prose-poem that uses metaphors borrowed from math theory (mostly) with a little bit of quantum physics thrown in.  it works better read aloud, and it sounds a little like a Laurie Anderson song.

Writing it was fun, mostly because it showed me how I limit myself when I write within genre.   I'm still thinking about the piece, because it seems derivative, trite, and indulgent.  The tone is a little distant, but I want the manuscript to feel like a dream.  Part of the indulgence is allowing myself to play with ambiguous homophones.   I think the story's voice is strong, and part of me would like to bring it to the Wordos table, but it is so not a Wordos story that I'm thinking it would waste peoples' time.  

And... surprise!  It's an Orpheus story.  I guess I should embrace Orpheus stories to see why I keep returning to them.  
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