Saturday, August 03, 2013

It's Worse Than That, It's Physics, Jim

I've just finished watching Brian Greene's "The Fabric of the Cosmos."  I want to be able to write science fiction based on recent science, so I'd placed a hold on the DVDs at the library--nine months of waiting and voila!

The four-part series was cool, although I think they overplayed the Big Bang sequence.  Mark watched a little, too; he thought they jumped back and forth betwee scientists too much.

Anyway, as a science fiction writer, the most interesting aspect was how the space-time continuum can be thought of as a snapshot slice of "Now", and how that slice can appaear to angle through different parts of the space-time fabric depending on the observer's motion.  The theoretical upshot is that you can do a kind of red- or blue-shift on "Now" for places that are vastly distant from each other.  It's that whole relative observational frame thing.

I wonder if you would get a time-viewer if you could quantum-entangle a very distant particle, place it into a telescope focus or other detector, and then move it forward or backward to red- or blue-shift the "Now" slice.   Or, to put it another way, if one can have spooky interaction at a distance, why not have spooky interaction over time?

I am not sure the how adequately explained the shifting of the "now" slice of space-time, because one would think with the increase in universal aexcelleration, we'd see a spherical boundary where the "Now" slice would appear to make very very distant galaxies  move backward in time as our perception of the "Now" slice swept "backward" toward the Big Bang.  

Hmm.  Maybe I'm going to have to read the book....

Oh; I can hear....  It must be the Eugene Celebration or seomthing because I'm hearing muted Funky Jazz fusion from very far away drifting through my open window... apparently, downtown Eugene has been time-shifted to the 1960's.

And now, to sleep.
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