Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anxiety Dreams

Not up so early this morning.  I'm working on a short story that is done enough for a reading tonight, but really not quite finished (it wants to be too long for the reading), accordingly, in the dream department:

I dreamed that Peter Gunn (the one from Carleton College) and I were late to a History Class being taught by my Middle School History teacher.  What I remember was that people were performing presentations, on the Civil War, I think.  And then there was a test.  When I got my test back, I had an "F".  I looked at my answers, which seemed more or less correct, but I'd been marked down rather arbitrarily based on the teacher's obscure formatting rules.
"Well," he said, "It's OK, entertainment isn't your strong suit."
I was upset, and must have been awake enough to be annoyed that a twenty-five year old me could fail a Middle School History class, and now I was going to have to go to the principal's office to get the grade changed to Pass/No Pass to try to salvage my GPA.

No, I haven't just started a new job.  That couldn't have anything to do with it.

There was another dream, which mostly involved taking a bus tour--I think... there might have been much more.  The only thing that I really recall was that a small black bat flew from a red barn, into the bus, and between my Mother and her friend, J.D., then sort of crawled along the back seat, over my shoulder, and back out the bus.  Maybe the bus was a van, because the side was open.  There was a short discussion about how some people would over-react.  (I'm guessing the cat was active during this one.)

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