Thursday, May 30, 2013

Busy Weekend

This weekend was filled with writing, visiting friends, and harping for the ordaining service for my high school friend, the Reverend Amy Beltaine.   Probably one of the funniest moments was "The Dirt Monologue" (which I think you had to be there to appreciate)....  Although, "The Re-telling of The Krumpacker  Family Library Religious Experience" was a close second.

Lots of strange and active dreams lately.  Last night I dreamed that I was laying on a slope of quartz crystals in very bright moonlight.  I think the dream wanted to be a cross between an Arcosanti dream and a camping at the Lillines Farmstead dream. I think I might have started off hiking with Mark... 

 After a while I slid down the slope to where a throne was in a not-quite-a-cave in the side of the hill.  It was a high backed chair of wood, vaugely arts-and-crafts; it was plainer than the thrones at the Krumpacker Family Library.  Somewhere around this point, the sun started to shine.  

Of course there was a priestess of some sort there.  After some sort of "if you want to sit on the throne, you must perform this complicated Indian/Asian dance/bow," I was sitting on the throne.  Suddenly, I was reading an old Roman treatis on how to sit in thrones with advice like, "don't fidget your hands too much," and "remember to sit so that you aren't exposing your genitals" (those darn togas--wait, how did I get into a toga?)

Then the day became murkier.  There was a kind of SCA or Renn Faire gathering in front of me.  My chair was lifted and I was carried at the head of a procession.  At some point I started making proclamations, like, "Let lithesome men dance before me."  None that I recall actually appeared, but there was a kind of dance in a tent which I suddenly found myself in--or, rather, my throne was in.  It was sort of like being Motel Kamzoil during the wedding scene again.  (In waking life, this is usually what  I think of as an "Otherworld Dream" because the light usually is some kind of twilight, I usually cross some significant barrier like a stream, and the people in the dream take on a Prerafealite  appearance.)

Then the dance turned into a kind of running procession across the countryside.  Everyone was dressed in flowy robes or armor.  I was still being held aloft in the chair and we would rush up to fences or walls.  The first was a wire fence across a meadow.  We'd rush up and somehow rushing up to the fence with my throne would cause it to open and the people on the fence facing us to join in the running.  We did this at least once more, each time the fence or wall becoming more substantial.  The last one was sort of across Reed College.

The runners caried me over a brick road and set the throne down in the entry hall of a brick building.  This was some sort of hotel or inn, and ghosts or zombies were the servitors.  I don't remember too much about this part of the dream, other than I had somehow left my throne and returned to it a little later on.

I'm sure there was some more....

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