Sunday, March 03, 2013

Worldbuilding Feature

I'm pleased to be featured in this week's blog article about worldbuilding at On The Premises ( 

The Gear Master's Wife, [...] contains some of the best worldbuilding our magazine has ever received. The author, John Burridge, manages to mix questions with suggested answers in such a way that, even though we don't fully understand the world the story takes place in, we feel we understand enough. 

I'll add that I do have a kind of "Burridge-rillion" building up for the world this story is set in, and that my writing became more clear once I started to recognize when it had veered away from the plot and into way too much detailed back-story.  Editing the extra bits out of the story and into a world bible also helps.

The Gear Master's Wife will be published on-line in about two weeks.
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