Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Blessings

Today has been a wrong type of time day. It's frustrating because there are a bunch of things I have to do when I'd rather be doing something else. And my time is being cut up into inconveniently short bits.

Probably the most irritating is how my own geo-spacial impairment prompted me to turn right out of the dump (where I had been turned away with a load because I didn't have cash) thinking I could re-connect to the way I wanted to go and ended up in i-5 half-way to Skateworld instead of on Franklin Blvd. to go to a ATM.

I used the time on the roads to mutter "Bless you," at the other drivers. The advantage of muttering "Bless you," is that it doesn't contribute to my road rage. It's difficult to lose it when shouting (ooops, I mean muttering) "Bless you" calls to mind jokes about Southern wives going to charm school and young devout movie Christians angrily yelling, "I am filled to the BRIM with the healing love of Christ!"

And... another task is calling me.
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