Friday, February 08, 2013

New Moon and Time Management

It's the New Moon. New Moons are hard for me -- I usually feel a little low energy during them. I try to take a look at what structures I have in place during this time, and try to rely on them to carry me through. As I've written before, I try to be mystic, but end up only feeling tired.

On the writing front, one tool I've read about and thinking would be a good idea is a writing time journal. I was trying to figure out how much time I'd spent working on a 2000 word story and I realized that I wasn't sure if I'd spent 20 or 40 hours working on it. Assuming that I was paid $150 (five cents a word) for the story, that set an hourly rate of either $7.00 or $3.50.

Hmmm. Don't lose the Day Jobbe.

On the dream front, I had a pleasant flying dream. I also dreamed that Mark had whisked away the shelving in our bedroom and replaced it with my old oak desk.
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