Friday, January 04, 2013

Dreaming of Green Orion Dancing Girls

Day Three of the Early Writing Discipline. I had a feeling this morning would be more difficult. About ninety minutes before I was supposed to wake up, I dreamed that my iPad's alarm clock started playing "Leena's Dance" (from the Original Star Trek pilot) and that Smokey came in to demand petting. Since the dream was both a replay of the previous two days and what was going to happen, I was pretty confused a moment or two after the dream, when I thought I'd slept through the alarm.

When "Leena's Dance" really did go off (hey, if one is going to get up to write science fiction and fantasy, one may as well be woken up by quintessential pulp fiction cheesy dancing girl music), I sat on the edge of my bed and thought really hard about actually getting up, stumbling through the house, doing the tea thing and getting some words in. I was tempted to fall over sideways and back into bed. But I didn't. I'd like to say that it was because I was disciplined, except that by day three it was easier to force myself up than it would have been day one or two.

I wrote some, but today was more disjointed than yesterday. I wasn't as good at last night's prep as I had been the night before, and I got to bed a little later, too. I'm seeing where I'm not clear on character development, setting, and action. I did make a discovery about my character's boat that I hope to make good use of.

In other news... Today is much warmer here in the valley than it has been the last few days -- there wasn't frost of any kind on the car when I went off to work, and walking around campus has not required extra layers of clothing to keep from freezing. It is a little cloudy, but only a little; the sunshine makes this January day seem like a very early Spring Day instead of an early Winter one.
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