Saturday, August 25, 2012

Who Was That Man in the White Poofy Shirt?

Scene:  A street after The Eugene Celebration parade.

Tired looking Elderly Woman from the League of Women Voters who has just paraded fourteen blocks (seeing the crackers on the small collapsible table Mark, John, and various friends are standing around) : (to twenty-something LWV companion):  "Oh, Sue, wait; let's ask these people for crackers."

John (whisking a tea towel embroidered with a calligraphic alphabet over one arm):  "Oh!  (rushes up to TLEWFTLOWV) Here; have some cheese-ball, too."  (Holds up chilled bowl with cheese.)

TLEWFTLOWV scoops some cheese onto a wheat cracker.

John (explaining):  "It's Oregonzola and cream cheese mixed with almonds.  Take some more."

TLEWFTLOWV:  "Thanks; this is really good and I'm diabetic so it really... (noticing John's white poofy sleeved poet's shirt): "Who are you people."

John (successfully resisting the answer "I'm just a gay man with a cheese ball, ma'am, trying to bring culture to the streets of Eugene", but it's a really near thing):  "Oh, we just came to see the parade..."
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