Friday, July 27, 2012

Platonic Solids

I've been fiddling with this arrangement off and on all week.  I think I'm ready to abandon the composition and do other things.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I recently read a tutorial on how to easily and quickly create dodecahedrons in Blender.

It turns out to be fairly simple.  From there it's a quick hop, step and a leap to Archimedean Solids.

I wanted to add stars, so I fired up my star-making script and dropped them into a hollowed out dodecahedron.

I was surprised when added some light sources to the rendering to create a shadow pattern similar to zilig designs.

Monday, July 09, 2012

1880's American Centaur

I'm working on a short story with Centaur cowgirls (still).  Or, if not a Centaur cowgirl, a Centauride in a Buffalo Bill-like traveling show   (Must. Not. Quote. Cher. Song.) in Arizona around 1880.

Although people back then were Americans, they were Victorian Americans, which means that I have to think about things like, "What would a respectable Centauride on the American Western Frontier wear?"   Probably a busty Centaur Cowgirl wearing a loose blouse or only a vest riding into town would probably cause a stir.

I think the trick is figuring out what would preserve a Centaur's modesty without being too hot to wear.  I'm thinking a light cotton cover with a lot of lace or fringe.....

Luckily, there's an exhibition of cowgirl portraits in town; it features some biographical materials which have been helpful.  I'm hopeful that it will help me to avoid silly Western mistakes.