Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Eugene Airport

Apparently, the Eugene airport has a Full Body Scan. I got to stumble through it. I kind of didn't realize that I'd been shunted through it until I was walking under a sign about scanner wavelengths. I actually thought I was walking through a metal detector until I was instructed to rise my hands over my head. Sigh. Alas, you're supposed to hold still, as I was instructed after I started to go-go dance. If we're going to have naked pictures taken of us when we travel, we should be able to be photographed as if we were dance extras from "Laugh-In" or "Barbarella."

I think I would have preferred a pat-down. But I'm willing to try anything once. So I put my feet on the yellow feet marks and played along. The little booth is disconcerting. The rotating clear plexiglas shield is just a little too reminiscent of the Old Trek disintegrator booths. And the yellow feet reminded me of the appartment scanning scene in "The Fifth Element."

My right thigh pocket was folded up oddly, because it showed up on the scan and I got patted by a TSA agent after the scan. (Note to self, don't wear the tan slacks through security.)

Our next leg will be through Salt Lake City. Since our plane got changed several days ago, our seat assignments have become swizzled around. So we are not sure if we will sit together or not.
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