Sunday, May 20, 2012

Airplane Geomancy

Tapping on an iPad's glass keyboard is not the best way to type. I'm trying to do geomancy by looking at the hills valleys and mountains below. The rivers ran through valleys. Long valleys penned rivers within their undulations.  Sometimes, the shadows of hills look like letters, but not on this flight.

There is a great haze lying over the globe. We're in a bowl of has the rim of which hovers above the horizon. Instead of white clouds, a kind of brown haze blurs the boundary between air and land. Below, the brown and tan plain is a wrinkled parchment for the strokes of roadway and the dark green squares and circle of fields.

Features on the land disappear into a band of grey brown haze. Mountains are vague shadows. Rivers, roads and snowy ridges are retreating reflections.

What I took for a river is actually a river canyon. Considering how the shadow of the bridges are, the canyon must be fairly deep.
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