Saturday, September 17, 2011

We join the dream in progress...

I was part of a four or five-man expedition.  I was a 17th century explorer, possibly from England.  I seem to recall that we were dressed in furs, like early fur-trappers.   I think it was early spring; in any case it was dry and cold.

We were in a partially explored valley, where we had discovered a mostly deserted village.  The houses of the village were brown wood cabins raised up on stilts or, in one case, a stone foundation.  We crept slowly through the village, wondering (and dreading) if we would find anyone.  (In waking life, the houses were in too good of repair for them to have been empty for longer than a month or two.)  There was a sense that we might be walking into an ambush.

We walked up the steps of a stone foundation to one house, and discovered a family of natives: a husband, wife, and at least one teen.  They were dressed in red and brown clothes.  I want to say their clothes were made of wool; pants,  pull-over shirt, moccosans, and vests.  

We gathered from them that they were not the regular residents of the village, and that they were just now leaving.

I really had to pee, and I entered the house looking for the bathroom.  (Which now that I'm thinking about it in real life, should have been either an outhouse or a garderobe).  I turned around a bare corner intent on finding a place to pee and stumbled across one of the true natives of the village darting behind a kind of secret panel.

Pretty much the whole village had retreated somehow into the foundation of the house.  The villagers wore rough furs, and seemed more primitive than the other folks we'd found.  "Here are real cave-men," someone exclaimed.  We were very excited at the discovery of this group of people.

There was a little bit more, which I don't quite remember, but the gist was that different neighboring tribes sent their children to this village to be trained to lead.  Or something.
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