Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scoring a Manuscript

I had a critique last night. Using the John is Writing Game as a scoring guide:
  • The manuscript scored big points for "The Twin Towers of Tolkien Sclerosis and Not Enough Details" because, despite copious amounts of beautiful writing, the readers were confused by irrelevant descriptions.
  • Probably the most points from "The Dictionary of Obscure Usage" came from the word "dwimmer," followed closely by "were-geld" and "sibilant" (which, I see, I misspelled "syllabant").
  • And from the expanded edition of the game, the manuscript garnered minor points from a "Very Clever Little Girl" character.
Oh well. Now I have to figure out what to cut, what to save, and what to re-write.  Despite the road-bumps, the manuscript seemed to be well received.  My favorite part of the critique was when the table argued about keeping ("it's beautifully creepy") or cutting ("there's no action moving the plot") the first eight pages. 
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